Education Review Office gives King’s glowing review
Tuesday, 17 May 2017

The Education Review Office (ERO) has submitted its final report following a thorough review of King’s College, as one of New Zealand’s independent schools.

The College was pleased to receive a glowing review noting in particular the College’s facilities, pastoral care practices, all-round teaching and learning philosophy, and overall performance in all facets of College life.

The last ERO review for King’s was held six years ago and Chairman of the King’s Board of Governors, Ross Green, notes that it is clear that there have been a number of changes over that time.  

“Part of ERO’s review process involved a meeting with the Board of Governors, and, at the conclusion of their visit, they gave us a preliminary report of their major findings,” explains Ross.

“I can assure you that from a Board perspective it was extremely reassuring to hear such positive feedback and to see first-hand how impressed the inspectors had been with the quality of the teaching and learning they had witnessed at King’s.  I was particularly taken with one of the opening paragraphs from the 2017 ERO report:

"The Board of Governors and College managers are future focused while building on the school’s strong tradition. The founder’s original vision from 1896: “To provide the best all round education it is possible to attain” remains the guiding principle of care and education at the College."

In its summary the report went on to say that:

"The College is very well-resourced and maintained. High quality facilities strongly promote academic learning and students’ involvement and achievement in the arts, sport and cultural events. Previous ERO reports have noted the blend of traditional and new buildings and learning environments. An additional, thoughtfully considered master property plan is in place, to guide future property development."

“On behalf of the Board I would like to congratulate our Headmaster, Simon Lamb, his Senior Leadership Team and Educational Leadership Team, and all our very committed teaching staff,” says Ross. “This is a tremendous endorsement of the great work they do for our students every day at King’s. Thank you also to you, our Old Collegians, who do much to ensure the College maintains its position as a leading independent school in New Zealand.

Please click here to read the full, final 2016 ERO report in further detail.