Fond memories shared at Floreat Semper Spring Luncheon
Wednesday, 21 September 2017

Established in 1999, the Floreat Semper is a group for Old Collegians, staff and supporters of King’s College who have attained the age of 70 years.

Festivities of the day included a tour of the College grounds, a special service at the Chapel and a long lunch in the pavilion.

A highlight of the day for many members was the opportunity to hear from the keynote speaker, Headmaster Simon Lamb.  Simon spoke about the new developments the College is undertaking, the expansion of the College grounds and what traditions are still popular among the students today. 

Old Collegian Bob Atkinson (Parnell, 1947-1950) said Simon’s speech was superb and he was happy to hear how the College has adapted since he was a student.

“It’s most impressive how the school has kept up with the requirements of the modern world,” says Bob. “King’s offers a complete education and I’m happy to say seven members of my family have attended this school.”

For Jeff Hunter (Peart, 1954-1958),who was a keen swimmer, King’s College provided him with some of the best memories of his life.  “I held the record for the 440m freestyle for years until it was taken off me,” he recollects.

The Hunter family has since donated the Hunter Cup to the College which is awarded every year to the winner of the 440m freestyle race at swimming sports.

With swimming aside, Jeff also looks back on his life at King’s as the time when he first met his wife, Hazel Hunter.

 “I met my childhood sweetheart while at King’s. She went to Diocesan School for Girls and I took her to the Senior Ball. I have been lucky enough to call her my wife now for 53 years,” says Jeff. 

If you are interested in attending the next Floreat Semper event in March 2018, please contact the KCOCA Executive Officer.